September 25, 2023

Shipping carriers are often the last link in a supply chain. It doesn’t get any smaller than shipping, with no intermediate steps before delivery. Because of this, time is everything to them and they have to be able to deliver your goods on time and without loss or errors. Here are tricks to choose the best bandingkan semua aspek dalam JNE JTR tarif for your business.

Check the reputation of the carriers

Before choosing a carrier, make sure you check the reputation and the ratings of previous clients to avoid shipping disasters. Blogs and webpages can be a valuable source of information in this regard.

Consistency in service

Often times, you will receive less than stellar customer service from a carrier, who might ease up on your shipments once business improves for them. So try to find out if the carrier has been consistent in their delivery.


Although most carriers provide pretty decent insurance, you should make sure to ask for an extended cover if the value of your goods are high enough to cover all potential damages.

Tracking service

You will want to be able to verify the location of your goods at all times and know how fast they’re being delivered so you know for sure when to expect them.


Security and transparency

Many carriers today are moving towards better security and transparency in their activities. Make sure to check this out before you choose a carrier as it is a sign that they’re doing their best to keep your business moving smoothly.


Your carrier should be accessible 24/7, which allows you to know when to expect your goods immediately so you can be sure everything will go well during the delivery process.


As with any other business, price should not be the only factor to be taken into account when you choose a shipping carrier. Try to understand the price of your delivery before accepting it.

Reviews and comments

Reviews and comments in blogs will help you choose a carrier who has proven himself worthy of your business. And if you can read the reviews and comments from their previous clients, this will give you a clear indication of their reliability and service standards.