November 30, 2023

If you want to start making your own cup of coffee shop drink at home, all you need are the right ingredients and a little bit of barista skills. You can learn more popular drinks from Delaney New Madison Grill. Also, look at the list of the favorite coffee shop drinks that can be replicated at home.

Café Latte

This is a classic coffee drink that can be easily done at home. It’s a popular drink with espresso and steamed milk. Here’s how to make a café latte:

  • Brew a shot of espresso.
  • Heat (not boiling) and froth milk to achieve a creamy texture
  • Pour the espresso into a cup
  • Use a spoon and hold back the foam as you top the drink with steamed milk.


This is an espresso drink with equal parts of steamed milk and foam. It’s another popular  coffee shop drink choice that is very easy to make:

Café Latte

  • Brew a shot of espresso.
  • Froth milk to a thick layer of foam.
  • Pour the espresso into a cup and add an equal amount of steamed milk.
  • Top it with the milk foam.

Chai Latte

If you want to try a spiced drink, then make a chai latte at home. It’s pretty simple with these steps:

  • Brew a strong cup of chai tea.
  • Heat and froth milk.
  • Mix brewed chai with steamed milk
  • Sweeten to taste. You can use honey, sugar, or preferred syrup.
  • Pour into a cup and enjoy.



If you love chocolate in as many foods and beverages as you have, then you should try recreating a mocha drink by following these steps.

  • A shot of espresso or a strong cup of coffee will do.
  • Mix cocoa powder, sugar, and a little bit of water.
  • Stir to create a paste in a saucepan.
  • Add the brewed coffee and steamed milk while heating gently.
  • Pour the blended drink into a cup.
  • Finish it up by topping it with whipped cream or chocolate shavings.

Iced Coffee

Not a fan of hot drinks? Then you should try something cold which is perfect for hot weather. Here’s how you can make iced coffee at home.

  • Brew a strong cup of coffee.
  • Let it cool, then pour over a glass filled with ice.
  • Add milk or cream.
  • Sweeten with sugar or syrups.

There are so many coffee shop drinks that you can easily recreate. Have the right ingredients and a coffee machine to get started. Try out these coffee shop drink examples and improve as you go.